Sunday, August 10, 2008

Watching the Olympics with My Kids

I have always enjoyed watching the Olympics. It's one of the rare times when I feel there's something worth watching on TV. My TV time increases about ten-fold during those weeks.

It's only been a day so far, but I'm really enjoying the way that M and L are taking an interest in the events. They can relate as fellow athletes this time around. We are all following the swimming competitions. L is endlessly fascinated with the volleyball - both beach and indoor. (As am I, those beach volleyball boys are cute!) M is interested in field hockey and basketball.

They won't get much chance to sit in front of the television as they will be away at camp Monday - Friday. But we'll tape some events for them, and enjoy their enjoyment of this international spectacle.

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Melissa said...

I remember watching the Olympics as a family when I was a kid and I enjoy watching with my kids. I missed the opening ceremonies b/c dh and I were at a wedding, but I won't miss the closing ceremony!

Also, why is it that a sport I probably wouldn't pay attention to any other time (i.e., water polo) fascinates me during the Olympics?!