Saturday, August 16, 2008

Bird in the House!

ACK! Last night when the girls got home, a bird flew in the house. I think it had been hiding in the wreath on our front door, so when they opened the door, it flew right in. It probably took thirty minutes to shoo it out the sliding glass door. I closed off the doors to the kitchen, dining room and foyer so that it could only get in the kitchen and family room. Then I cowered behind the dining room swinging door, peeking at the chaos and shouting instructions to the girls.

They tried shooing it out with a broom. They tried trapping it in a towel. Finally, it landed on the tile floor in the kitchen and M slammed a box over top of it. Then she nudged the box across the floor and scooted it to the sliding glass door opening. L manned the door, and as soon as it fluttered out on to the deck, she slammed the door shut so it wouldn't come back in.

My crystal ice bucket got broken amidst all the shooing and swooping and shouting and swatting. Luckily that was the only damage! I had horrible thoughts of it leaving a bird poop trail all over everything, but there were just a few feathers left behind.

Of course ... B was not home. He's working. He did call several times throughout the process trying to offer us some advice, and ultimately he took it upon himself to call a neighbor to come help us. But by the time he got here, the bird was gone.

Tweet, tweet.


Leeann said...

I was cracking up picturing your girls trying to get the bird out of the house, with your cowering and shouting suggestions. Too funny!

Good job, brave girls!


Pamela Fierro said...

That's pretty much how it went - I was freaking out! Luckily the girls are much more of "nature lovers" than I am and they weren't scared at all. It just took some time, patience and persistence to get that dratted thing out of here!

Melissa said...

Hopefully that won't happen again anytime soon, but if it does, cover the windows and generally make the room dark. Then open the door and the bird will fly toward it. Don't ask me how I know...just trust me.