Thursday, August 14, 2008

Five Things I Can't Live Without

1) San Pelligrino -- I stopped drinking Diet Coke this past spring. No real reason behind it, just the thought that soda is a lot of unecessary chemicals. Then when I tried to stop drinking it, I realized that I was addicted to the caffiene. I literally couldn't get through the day without it. So I was even more motivated to give it up. Now I only drink water, and I love sparkling mineral water. I prefer SP over Perrier, but I also like some store brands (Target, Fresh Market). And I love Voss - the bottle is so cool - but it's so dratted expensive.

2) -- As much as I read, this is the perfect way to feed my book habit ... and clear out my bookshelf when I'm finished with a book. It's a place where you (obviously ... duh) swap books with other members. They don't have to be paperbacks, by the way. It's free to request a book; instead, you incur a cost when you ship a book to someone else. Then, when they receive the book, you earn a credit you can use to request a book from someone else. It's costs about $2.00 - $2.50 to mail a book, depending on how big it is. So ultimately that's much cheaper than buying books at the bookstore.

3) My iPod Touch ... I think that I've explained that one pretty thoroughly already.

4) Summertime tomatoes from the garden -- I could eat them every day for every meal. Sometimes I get lucky and my mom hooks me up from her garden. Other times I have to buy them from the farm market. I love them plain, with a little sprinkle of salt, or in salads with some fresh mozarella and basil, or on sandwiches, nice and squishy so the juices soak into the bread.

5) Conair Infiniti -- As I've gotten older my hair has gotten much curlier. If I want it to be straight at all, I have to use this. The nice thing is that you can use it like a blow dryer, and straighten it at the same time. Yes, it's clearly infomercial fodder, but I did NOT buy mine from an infomercial! I bought it from, thankyouverymuch.

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Melissa said...

I like San Pelligrino, too, but I like the lemonade!

I had my first yellow (lemon boy) full-size tomato from my garden yesterday. It was really good! But it's so hard to wait until mid-August for a decent tomato!