Sunday, August 3, 2008

Ten Things I Love About My iPod Touch

Brian got me an iPod Touch for my birthday last year. I'd hinted that I wanted one, but knew it was really an indulgence beyond necessity. I already had a perfectly good iPod Nano. Luckily, his covetousness won out; by getting me the iPod Touch, he inherited the Nano!

Since last year, the iPod Touch has really increased in functionality. First there was an update adding email access and weather reports. Now that Apple has allowed third party developers to offer applications, there are even more fun things that I use it for. So here's a list of things I really love about it:

  1. Safari Browser: After being away from the Apple interface for several years, it was so lovely to discover the simplicity of Safari. I like it so much on the iPod Touch that I've started using it on my laptop.

  2. Reading My AOL Mail: The iPod Touch makes it really easy to access and utilize AOL mail, even easier than doing it on my laptop becasue I can bypass the AOL program and just get the mail.

  3. Updating Facebook: Who could ever imagine that I could give me friends real-time updates about my sailing vacation, from an isolated island in the Caribbean called the Bitter End?

  4. Units App: This is the handiest thing ever. It's a new app that you download that lets you instantly convert things - currency, measurement, weights, time etc. I don't really know why it thrills me so to know how many weeks are in 12 years. But it sure did come in handy when our friend from Italy was visiting and she wanted to know what 90 degrees was in Celsius or what a $25 shirt from Aeropostale would cost in Euros.

  5. My Beddy-Bye Playlist: I made a playlist of my favorite soothing, relaxing songs. Like Pachelbel's Canon, Andrea Bocceli and John McDaniel. Whenever I listen to it before I fall asleep, I always sleep really well!

  6. My Pictures: It's like having a wallet-full of snapshots, without the "full" part. I uploaded some of my favorite pictures from the sailboat trip, and then I always have them handy to show to people. Or just to look at in a quiet moment and relive the happy memories.

  7. Trism: This is a totally addicting game. All kinds of games because available for the iPod Touch when Apple introduced it's App Store earlier this summer. This one is a puzzle game where you connect triangles to form triads. I spend way too much time playing it!

  8. Audiobooks: I can't read in the car - it makes me sick. But I can *listen* to books on my iPod Touch. Up next: Mommy Tracked by Whitney Gaskell.

  9. TV Shows: I'm not a big TV-watcher, but I do have shows that I really like. And I can download them on my iPod Touch and watch them whenever. That way I'm not tied to the TV schedule - or even tied to the DVR box. I can watch it in the car, walking on the treadmill at the gym, waiting in the dr.'s office (or during volleyball tryouts). My favorite shows are The Tudors, Grey's Anatomy and old episodes of Sex & The City. I also download the free shows - usually pilot episodes of new programs.

  10. Notes: There's a little notepad feature that I find really handy. Like when Kim and I were traveling in Arizona and wanted to keep track of expenses. But I love the Notes feature most because there are little surprises there - whenever the girls get their hands on my iPod they will leave me little messages in the notes. Like this one, "Hi mom! How are you? The bathroom will look amazing! You don't need to worry about a thing just be happy and pray about it. It will work out fine." -- that one's from Meredith. She was playing with my iPod while we were in Home Depot stressing over the details of our bathroom renovation.


melissa said...

I have a Touch also, and I finally downloaded the aps to it. It was nice to read your reviews about what you like. I also have tv shows on mine and find it comes in handy when we all stay in one room (when we stayed at a waterpark) and everyone is sleeping and I want to watch a show.

Lori - The Simple Life at Home said...

Love your background!!!! And I really enjoyed seeing a picture of you. It's been years since I've had an updated one of you, I think.

I'll add you to my blogroll once I'm back home.

Hooray for you for blogging!!