Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Mother/Daughter Book Club

Before our lake trip, we hosted an event that I look forward to all year long. It was our 4th annual Mother/Daughter Book Club. I wrote all about the history of our club and this year's selection as a guest contributor at ReadingGroupGuides.com, so you can read all about it here. I truly, truly love this experience, which I hope I conveyed accurately in the article, so I wanted to share it here also.

I highly recommend the book we read - Life As We Knew It by Susan Beth Pfeffer. It was a great read. It might be a tad scary for younger readers - I know L would have been freaked out by it even as recently as last year. She's such a worst-case-scenario worry wart!

We're hoping to meet again one more time this summer to do To Kill a Mockingbird. I'm not sure all the girls will get through it in time (especially M&L!!) but we plan to show the movie and even a brief discussion will be worthwhile, since most of the girls will be reading it in English class during the school year.


Melissa said...

I saw a review of Life As We Knew It and recommended it to my daughter, but she passed on it. I wonder if it's just because I suggested it. So I will direct her to your site and see if she changed her mind! I want to read the Stephenie Meyer series since she enjoyed it so much. Also, Journey to the River Sea was one of her favorite books!

Pamela Fierro said...

We also loved Journey to the River Sea. Has she read any of Eva Ibbotson's other books?
My girls are starting the first Stephenie Meyer book. I don't know how well they'll get through it because they are pretty long and they prefer shorter books. They've really liked those Clique books and are intent on completing the series. I roll my eyes, but I guess it's better than not reading at all!