Monday, August 11, 2008

The Sound of an Empty House

The girls left for camp this morning. They'll be at Rockbridge Alum Springs with their Wyldlife group. (Wyldlife is the middle school version of Young Life, a non-denominational Christian organization for teens. I know -- the first time I heard "Wyldlife", I thought, "What the heck? It sounds very inappropriate!" But it is a terrific organization.)

They were very excited. They've been going to sleepaway camp since they were 7, but this is their first experience with this camp. Last year we were in Vermont, but several of their friends went and loved it. This year we changed our Vermont week so that they could go. And I expect we'll have to do the same for next year!

There were five busloads of kids that left this morning. Lots of kids they know from school but I hope they also make some new friends.

It's kind of sad and lonely in the house without them ... but not that sad! I love having the peace and quiet and a short break from the ...ummm... DRAMA!! ... of thirteen-year-olds!


Leeann said...

Enjoy!! When will they be back?

Leeann said...

Hey, what happened to your book club post? I can't find it. Anywhoo, I wanted to say that I LOVED that book! I haven't been able to convince Kate to read it but I thought it was EXCELLENT. There is another book by the author called The Dead and the Gone that tells the story from a different perspective. I didn't like it as well though.


Pamela Fierro said...

They will be back Friday night. The book club post is still there - do you see it now? L is reading the dead and the gone now, but I doubt that she will like it as well as LAWKI because it is from the perspective of a boy rather than the Miranda character. The author told us that she is working on a third book that will be about the same event with different characters. Her website: has some interesting information about the development of the book.

Melissa said...

I love that kids are going to camp!

I know we really needed a break from our kids and they really needed a break from us! They had a blast!

I hear so often from parents, "my kids could never be gone for a week!" and I want to say "Why not?" I don't get it.