Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Back to School

Well, not for the girls. Their first day is Tuesday, September 2nd. Don't rush it; we still have a few days of summer left.

But I was back at their school this week. There was a PTA meeting Monday afternoon, and then a welcome-back luncheon for the teachers today and I volunteered to help with it. I got to say hi to some of their teachers from past years, and meet a couple of the teachers that they'll have this year. (Considering that they're on different teams this year, there are a lot of teachers to meet!) I also helped their teachers from last year do some packet-stuffing.

I'm going back up to the school tomorrow for an orientation in the guidance office (I volunteer once month answering phones during the secretary's lunch hour -- well, it's actually only 30 minutes). And after school starts next week, I'll be there both Tuesday (in guidance) and Wednesday (volunteering at the front desk).

:::::::::sigh:::::::: I'm not ready to go back to school!!!

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