Saturday, August 16, 2008

Waiting for Word

Lots of anxious waiting this weekend. The middle school schedules were supposedly mailed out yesterday, so we are thinking that they will appear in the mailbox today. That's been the pattern for the last two years, anyway. Last year, we were at Smuggler's Notch when the letters came, so our friend got our mail and called us with the news. (I'll never forget it - we were at the Ben & Jerry's ice cream factory when she called!)

The middle school is organized into teams, and there is no clear "winner" among them, so I am not worried about their placement. I'm more concerned with their scheduling and who else is in their classes. I'd requested for them to be on the same team, but not the same classes, but to have the same lunch bell. This has worked out great the last two years, but this year there is a new principal and I don't know if she will approve the request. Plus, there is so much DRAMA dealing with the fallout of who is in class with who. For both 6th and 7th grade, L's best buddy was in all of M's classes and L was NOT HAPPY ABOUT IT! As if it was somehow M's fault.

We will also be hearing the outcome of the final volleyball tryout. After the mega-marathon weekend of tryouts before the lake, L has one final tryout tomorrow morning. Then the coach will call all the girls and let them know who she has chosen. We have heard back from two teams already, and will make a decision after we hear from this third one. I really want L to have the final say because I want her to be happy. I want her to like the coach and the other girls -- this is a big commitment, with three practices a week and traveling to weekend-long tournaments twice a month. All three of the clubs have advantages and disadvantages. One is more expensive, but much more convenient. One is more elite and competitive, but also more clique-y. One is well-organized, but the coach is not as personable.

So, we'll see! I will have some news -- both academically and athletically -- to share by Monday!

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Melissa said...

Good luck with the schedules, etc. We pick ours up on Thursday as well as having pictures taken. Where is the summer going????