Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Mega Sleepover

The girls had three friends sleep over last night (for a total of five girls!) They call camped out in the family room, sleeping on the couch and air mattresses. They had a mega movie marathon, ate pizza and ice cream, and laughed well into the night. Actually, I was surprised -- they didn't stay up that late. I was envisioning it going on until the wee hours of the morning, but I think they were all asleep by 1:00 am.
These are fun times for middle schoolers. Well, until the girls all go home and I try to get M&L to clean up the family room! Then it won't be too much fun for any of us ...


Leeann said...

I agree, Pam. Kate has had sleepovers for her past three birthdays, at least. Usually around 5 girls. And it is never as bad as I think it might be. They have fun, do makeup or whatever, eat junky food and watch movies. I think the more troublesome sleepovers might kick in high school but so far, I think they are innocent fun.


Pamela Fierro said...

I had half a thought of reminding them that they were not to go outside at all after I went to bed ... but then I thought it might give them ideas!