Sunday, August 31, 2008

The Blahs

I am just not motivated to post anything lately! It is the case for this blog as well as my site. These last few days of summer are slipping through my fingers, despite trying to hold on to them. All I feel like doing is LOUNGING indulgently in the lack of routine and structure, sleeping in, watching too much TV and blowing off everything.

I finally finished reading The Pillars of the Earth; what a marathon! I started reading it at the beginning of July. If you're not familiar with it, it is a loooong book -- over 900 pages in my copy. It's not that I didn't enjoy the book; it's a great story! But I get tired of reading the same book all the time, so I would switch to other books for a break. We are discussing it at my lunch book club this week, so I finished it just in time.

To clarify: I am in three book clubs. One is my Mother/Daughter Book Club. We only meet in the summer, and only do one or two books. (Looks like it will only be the one for this year, unfortunately.) The other is my Monday Morning neighborhood book club. That meets the first Monday of the month from October through June and has about 25 members from my neighborhood. We met last week to choose the books for the next year.

The third book club meets one Friday a month during the school year, over lunch at someone's house. There are probably 8-10 members; not everyone attends regularly. The host chooses the book for that month. We're doing Pillars of the Earth for September. We gave ourselves all summer to read it, but it will still be interesting to see how many people actually got all the way through to the end.


Leeann said...


I thought it was just me feeling that way this weekend. I am like a sloth. I get a burst of energy here and there but then I'm out.

Which is not good since we are hosting a party in two hours! We've been working the kids instead. lol

Three book clubs! I am impressed! I used to be in one, dropped out last year and just can't seem to get excited about it anymore, even though I read all the time.

Man, do I sound like a load of fun or what?

melissa said...

It's so hard when the weather is so warm and it is still so summer-like to think about getting back to the confines of a schedule. I want to eat dinner at 8:30 if I want to and to stay in pajamas if we don't have anywhere to go right away in the morning....