Saturday, August 2, 2008

All Volleyball All the Time

One of my daughters, L, is trying out for volleyball this weekend. After several years of playing rec leagues and making the school team last year, we've agreed to let her try out for a "club" -- an advanced travel team. We had no idea what we were getting into! She is trying out for three clubs in our area, and we really don't have a sense of whether she'll make any or all of the teams. She is attending multiple tryout sessions -- two today, three tomorrow -- and we've cut our lake vacation short to accommodate all these tryouts. I'd (silly me!) assumed that you had to attend *one* tryout session; oh no, you have to go to all of them (3-5 per team!)

The fact that she willingly gets out of bed at 7 am on a Saturday morning and eagerly jumps in the car indicates to me just how passionate she is about the sport. She wants to play all the time. She participated in a beach volleyball club over the summer, but unfortunately our travel plans and bad weather meant that she missed more than she went. But she was always doggedly determined to be there - urging us to drive down to the oceanfront even when storm clouds threatened, in the hope that the session wouldn't be cancelled.

I'm glad she has an activity that she is so passionate about. I know that M feels a little bit of jealousy and animosity that her sister is taking the sport to the next level, and that it will mean some sacrifices on her part. Starting with the delayed start of our lake vacation this weekend!


Melissa said...

I was a volleyball player in school and absolutely loved it. It's a good combination of team and also having specific individual roles (setter, spiker, etc). Yes, getting up in the morning certainly indicates she is enthusiastic!

Leeann said...

While I'm sorry you all had to cut your trip short, I am excited that she loves volley ball so much and wants to move on to the next level. You'll have to let us konw how she does. Does M have interest in pursuing a different avenue, like writing or drama?


Pamela Fierro said...

M plays basketball, but she doesn't *love* it - she never wants to do camps or even pick up a ball if it's not the season. She's pretty involved with orchestra, so that's kind of her "thing" that identifies her. She plays the violin. She is actually going to be traveling to DC with the high school orchestra in January. They're playing at one of the inaugural balls and get to attend the inauguration.