Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Rant of the Day

:::::::rant on::::::Our neighbors across the street have been working on their house since FEBRUARY! Every day, there are at least two -- usually three or four -- contractor trucks. This family has three cars of their own, and they park them on the curb in front of their house instead of in the driveway. So the contractors park in front of my house.
It's a mild annoyance. I don't particularly like having workers hang around every day, but that's okay. But occasionally things get out of hand. Today, they are having gutters replaced. Not only are the trucks parked in front of my house, but they are blocking my driveway and my mailbox. They have stuff strewn all over MY lawn and they are walking on our grass as they go in and out of their trucks.
I just went and spoke to them and they did move their trucks further down the street so they're not blocking our mailbox. The mailman won't deliver if he can't get to the mailbox.
I just wish this endless renovating would be over. I can't imagine WHAT is left to do. Just when I think i's over, the painter trucks, tree removal, plumbers, carpenters, electricians, etc. show up again.
::::::rant off:::::: Have a good one!

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melissa said...

Pam, I feel your pain. I have some wonderful neighbors, but one of them has a relative that always parks in front of our mailbox so we get no mail that day. I think you can nicely approach them as to requesting that they stay out of your lawn, especially if junk is left lying around. BTW, I did ask my neighbor to please move the car so I could get my mail and they were happy to comply...and it hasn't happened since.