Saturday, September 6, 2008

Hanna Update

8:14 am: Getting windier and there have been some downpours. Power went out about 6:30 am but came back on by 7:30.

10:30 am: Rain has stopped, but still some wind gusts. Power has flickered a couple of times but has stayed on. We're getting bored. L just woke up. The girls don't know what to do with themselves since the swim club (their social hub this summer) is closed. B is playing Guitar Hero.

1:30 pm: Pretty much a done deal. Still occasional wind gusts. Everyone is being way lazy.

3:24 pm: Power is off again. The generator is running so we have tv and wifi. And a functioning kitchen, so we can cook dinner. Not that I'm planning to make dinner. It's CORN -- Clean Out the Refrigerator night.

8:34 pm: Neighbors came over to hang out. They don't have a generator. Just as they rang the doorbell, the power came back on. Everything is clear now. B and I went for a walk about an hour ago. Lots of debris (leaves, sticks, pine needles) everywhere, but all looks good. One of our neighbors had a tree fall down and crash down on another neighbor's shed. Hasta la vista Hanna!


Michelle said...

Stay dry, warm and safe!

Leeann said...

Take care, kiddo, We have rain but no sign of wind quite yet.