Thursday, September 18, 2008

Overprotective Mother Update: Snark Alert

Just have to share a snarky comment. Last night was Open House at the girls' school. Thank goodness B was home! He went to M's classes and I went to L's. Except for first bell German. They are both in that class together. Their teacher actually told me, "They are so happy to be together!" I thought I would fall over. She's kind of nutty and wacky. But then I asked them about it. L said, "Yeah, I don't really talk to N***** or S**** and the rest of the kids are kind of weird. M's the only one that won't laugh at me when we're practicing our German words.' ??!?!? What? Could it be? They actually LIKE each other finally? Just a little bit? For 50 minutes in the morning?

Okay, that wasn't the snarky part. It was snarky. But off-topic snarky.

The snarky thing is this... The mother, the one who said I was overprotective because I sometimes wait at the bus stop in the morning? She -- or her husband -- did NOT attend Open House. Harumph. (:::::::::snark mode off::::::)

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