Monday, September 22, 2008

Crusade of the Day

The Overprotective Mom strikes again. M came home from school on Friday, all up in arms because her teachers told her that girls weren't allowed to bring purses to school anymore. The school already has a rule about backpacks. You can bring them to school, but you have to put them in your locker at the beginning of the day and leave them there until you leave at the end of the day. During the day, in and out of classes, you can't carry backpacks.
But purses have always been a different story, and both MandL have been in the habit of carrying purses during the school year. Girls of that age NEED their purses. Especially at certain times of the month, KWIM?
Well, I thought it was curious that L wasn't told this rule by her teachers. So I inquired at the office this morning when I was dropping off the PTA newsletter for proofreading. The school rule is that girls can carry purses as long as they aren't oversized, like book bags or tote bags.
So I've emailed M's teachers to ask about the new policy. If it's a rule only for their team, then they need to let parents and students know what's expected. I asked for them to put something in writing explaining the reasoning behind the rule and exactly what the rule is.
So, I'm on the warpath, waiting to see what the outcome will be.
Update: M's Science teacher called me tonight. Apparently, a fashion trend towards large bulky purses has become burdensome. The directive to leave purses in lockers is coming from the administration, but isn't being unilaterally enforced as of now. Apparently he called M out of class and spoke to her this afternoon. And she was mortified, of course! He said her purse is "large" but there are many more that are much larger and that she's welcome to bring a small purse to class, but she'll have to leave the bigger one in her locker.
It sounds like the teachers will be talking about it more at a meeting and hopefully come up with a clear policy.
So, I'm satisfied that they *can* have a purse, just not a big one.


melissa said...

I had that problem the last 2 years. No carrying backpacks or purses and no going to your locker during the school day except before and after lunch. Hello? Do they not realize what happens to most girls at this age group? C shoved monthly supplies in her pocket. I had a discussion with administration and was told it was because of "security." Interestingly enough, a kid brought a "weapon" (pellet gun he wanted to show his friends" to school last year. This rule didn't seem to stop him any. I'm glad she's at a different school this year.
I'm interested to hear what you find out.

Lori - The Simple Life at Home said...

That's ridiculous. Unfortunately, that's what happens when we move to being so worried about preventing things - we end up making up rules that hurt far more people than they help. Kind of like expelling a 5 year old for kissing a girl on the playground mentality, you know?

I'll be interested in hearing what the result of this is. I can remember those days when I was that age and I'd be horrified to not have "protection" with me.